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RPG 300 Upgrade from USB

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RPG 300 Upgrade from USB


Just one simple question: i have one RPG 300 with corrupted firmware version Can i download same firmware from, upload it to USB stick and upgrade without sw_keys.txt? Or i need key even if i want to "upgrade" software from same version to same version?

And if i want to upgrade RPD to version 4.3.1 do i need to put sw_keys.txt to the folder with firmware? Or just put firmare to the usb stick and it will be enough to upgrade? 


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Re: RPG 300 Upgrade from USB

If you have a corrupted SD card, upgrading the firmware, or even attempting a factory restore, will not 'fix' the corrupted card.


Software keys are needed only when advancing in software versions that have changed in the first digit on either side of the first 'dot'.  So doing a USB stick to 4.3.1 from 4.3.0 should be fine.

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