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RPG 310 not showing content?

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RPG 310 not showing content?

Hi All, 


Have a new problem today. One of our endpoints has stopped showing content. The HDMI cable has been tested, and when going directly into the TV, works fine. When the cable is plugged into the RPG 310, nothing. You can hear the computer make the 'new screen' noise, but no image. The firmware was on 6.1.1, but was updated today to 6.1.2 with no luck. It's not the settings on the computer, it's set to duplicate/extend/etc (we've tried them all), and the settings on the endpoint are the same as all the other endpoints.


Any ideas would be appreciated. 

Thank you!

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steve from accounting
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Re: RPG 310 not showing content?

has content ever worked and can you recieve content or send content any other way (pano app etc)?


auto share on content might be disabled. I'm not sure if thats an api setting or if it's available in the webgui but if you use a remote while in a call and bring up the menu you should be able to see a content button once something has been plugged in. 


and does it show content locally when not in a call?


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Re: RPG 310 not showing content?

Auto show content is an API command, it is not in the UI (embedded TV or the Web).


From the Integrator's reference guide:



Specifies whether to send content automatically when a computer is connected to the system.


Syntax:  autoshowcontent <get|on|off>

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