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RPG 700 - frequently installation of MPTZ_10_11 drivers

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RPG 700 - frequently installation of MPTZ_10_11 drivers

I have an RPG 700 with two cameras - Eagle Eye IVs on camera 1 & 2. Seeing stability issues with the device


Particular problems include:

- Cameras "disappearing" from device - particularly camera 2 which no longer shows attached or in near-camera list

- reboot during SIP calls - seesm to be related to a libc stack dump and restart

- (frequent seqeuntial) reinstallation of MPTZ software drivers - not clear but devices attempts to reinstall same version of MPTZ_10_11 several times in a row and this can be initiated mid-call


Device is on 6.1.0_310348 build.


Anyone else seeing this? Not clear why device would reinstall existing driver software.


Example log attached that shows reboot and PackageInstall failing to install MPTZ_10_1-6.1.0-310348.