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RPG Touch Rebooting

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RPG Touch Rebooting



our RPG Touch Panel keeps rebooting while in a call. We have recently updated it to the latest version hoping that this would reoslve the issue but it still continues to happen. Anyone else expereince this or have a way to fix this?


The panel is paired witha RPG 500 running 6.1.0-310348


OS Version is 2.1.1-225

Panel Software is 6.1.1-370108


thanks in advance



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Polycom Employee & Moderator

Re: RPG Touch Rebooting

You must get your codec upgraded also.  As per the release notes the software on the codec and the associated peripherals, i.e. the RP Touch, have specific versions of software they must be at.


Please refer to the release notes for the right versions of software to be using.


As far as your issue, hard to tell what might be causing it.  Please call your service provider so they can get the right information for a complete analysis.

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Re: RPG Touch Rebooting

ok thanks. will update the codec and see if that helps...failing that will contact our support company, could be a fault with the panel.


thanks :)



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