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Re-assign RPD to another user

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Re-assign RPD to another user

Hi All,


I have installed RPD on a a PC. Now I would like to desactivate the license and re-assign same on another PC. Can you please advise how this can be done? Thanks

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Re: Re-assign RPD to another user

Hi @ Jeremie,


as far as I know, that´s not possible. The standalone license is "mapped" to the computer it´s installed on, not to the user. You can´t reassign this license to another PC, you´ll have to buy a new license.

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Re: Re-assign RPD to another user



Thank you for you mail.- well noted

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Re: Re-assign RPD to another user

Hi Jeremie,

I think this is possible.


Deinstall RPD on the old PC and use the license key only on the new PC.

I rembember that one of my customers who purchased an RPD license for 25 users didn't keep track of the deployment bacause all users shared the same 25-users license key.


Randomly some of the users got a notification that the user licenses had been exceeded and they couldn't use their RPD.




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