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Real Preseence Group Series 500 disaply

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Real Preseence Group Series 500 disaply



I have a group series 500 connected to 2 screens. When on a video call a small dial icon with a 1 is dispalyed in the top left of both screens.

There were 2 other participants on the call, audio only. Does anyone know the setting to remove/change this and what does the 1 signify if there are more than that on the call.



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Re: Real Preseence Group Series 500 disaply

The Icon generally indicates the number of audio participants in the call.  Could be one audio party has (been) connected as a video participant.

From the RPG 500 Admin Guide, maybe this will help:


● To keep the screen clear of static images during a call, disable the following settings:
 Display Icons in a Call (Admin Settings > General Settings > System Settings > Call

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