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Real Presence Debut with Cloud CMR using H323 one way video issue

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Real Presence Debut with Cloud CMR using H323 one way video issue

Hi Folks,


I'm trying to connect my Real presence Debut to Webex Cloud CMR using H323. To cut a long story short we're using cloud CMR for our video endpoints temporarily while we asses a variety of systems for our global video rollout.


I am using H323 because we have no SIP gatekeeper in our environment and our Webex CMR provider doesn’t provide SIP gatekeeper (as a service) for none Cisco video endpoints. But our cloud CMR provider does allow noncisco endpoint to connect using H323 so I have configured the Realpresence Debut to use H323 only.


The issue I'm having is that when connecting to CMR from the Debut endpoint other participants in the meeting can see the video stream from my Polycom Debut but I cannot see anyone else’s video stream. so video only goes out from my Debut endpoint but it's not receiving video from the CMR meeting.


I have tried connecting form inside our company network, i have tried giving the Polycom Debut a public IP address and connect form a dedicated internet connection but I always only get one way video.


I suspect the issue is somewhere in the CMR cloud but I just wanted to double check here if there was any additional configuration I need to do on the Polycom debut video endpoint for this to work?


Any feedback would be very useful, thanks







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