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Real Presence Desktop (RPD) Favorites

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Real Presence Desktop (RPD) Favorites

I am deploying some RPD personal endpoints which do not have access to the CMA Global Directory (not provisioned)


I can configure them with Favorites but the only method I can find is manually adding them

What I am trying to do is configure one system manually with all the "directory" and then copy it to the other systems


Anybody know if this is possible


Thanks in advance


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Re: Real Presence Desktop (RPD) Favorites

I'm sorry but there's not a way to add a bulk directory list into the app at this time. 

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Re: Real Presence Desktop (RPD) Favorites

Favorites.  On more recent versions of RPG s/w you can expoert and import so you would still have to cereate a master manually on 1 end point but you could upload that to the others.

What I'm researching now is how you create a small master address book (Favorites), bulk imprort into that list and save that such that the RPGs will accept it as a Favorites improt.

Or eve, take a directory.xlm file off an RPG, edit it and upload it back to  the RPG communit.  Not cracked that yet.

Anyone with any xml insight.  Excel .xml export definately doesn't work.


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