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Real Presence Desktop

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Real Presence Desktop

Hi. I have downloaded the trial version of PRD for Windows. I have tested it using an IP address and it seems to work fine. My need however is to link to an ISDN Sytem, specifically an older polycom512 MP system. Can the RPM or Real Presence Desktop Represents Desktop make a call to an ISDN number?

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Re: Real Presence Desktop

Hi @GeraldJoe,

as you might know it supports SIP and H.323, so no native ISDN support. In my opinion the only way to call an ISDN participant, is the usage of a video-capable SIP-PBX with ISDN support. You register your RPD via SIP and call ISDN partner with the help of the PBX.

But why you wanna make ISDN calls? ISDN is dead in 2018 and Polycom MP512 is out of Service since 2013! It´s time for something new!


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Re: Real Presence Desktop

Thanks. It is not up to me. I am dealing with a 'client' in a state department that is running this system.

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