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Real Presence Group 500 and MCU Avaya

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Real Presence Group 500 and MCU Avaya

I have an issue about the two monitors of the Group 500 and multipoint calls from an Avaya MCU (Scopia Elite 5110).

I need to "split" the video output from the MCU in the two monitors outputs of the Group 500. On the first, the current speaker from the conference, and in the second the other participants. The MCU automatically detects which endpoint is "speaking", and put the video from the corresponding endpoint in a larger window into its video output.

I'm figuring out how to to this. Need I a licence to multipoint calls installed in the Group 500?

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Joe Vallender
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Re: Real Presence Group 500 and MCU Avaya

The first question will be 'what is the software version of the RPG 500?'


Calling to an MCU is a point-to-point call and not a multi-point call (unless you place two separate calls from the same unit).


I'm not sure what you're asking is supported by the RPG or Avaya software (or any vendor).  I would think the MCU software would have to somehow identify the main speaker stream in the entire video stream so that the endpoint software could isolate/extract and send to a specific monitor.

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Re: Real Presence Group 500 and MCU Avaya

I think you are referring to the monitor profile settings. Try setting them like this and see if this gives you outcome you are looking for.