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RealPresence 500 and GoToMeeting

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RealPresence 500 and GoToMeeting

Is it possible to use this device to interface with a GoToMeeting meeting? All we have is the URL, there is not an H323 or SIP address. The address is Should we connect a laptop and reroute the camera and audio or can we get the room to call this address somehow? Alternatively, we have rooms with Trio 8800, can we use those instead?

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Adam in DC
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Re: RealPresence 500 and GoToMeeting

Yes, it is possible to run a GoToMeeting through an H323 system, but it is a lot of work to make it happen.


Thus, receiving a GoTo invite is a no go.  YOU have to be the one who generates the meeting request - based on my own research.  Your mileage may vary.   

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