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RealPresence 6.0 - Dual Monitor / Content Sharing Layouts

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Re: RealPresence 6.0 - Dual Monitor / Content Sharing Layouts

Just a caution about downgrading.  You should look at the release notes to make sure there is nothing about the hardware you receive that needs current software for the drivers in it.  From time to time cahnges are made in the software that require different drivers and you can not downgrade those prior ot the required software for those drivers.

Please see the release notes for more information about this.


Thanks for this info. This actually increases the prioirty of the case. We need to be able to use dual monitors the same way on all of our systems. If we order the new ones and find we can't downgrade them, then we will be forced to look for a different solution as waiting will not be an option. That's why I hope this can be resloved in the next few weeks so by the time we get the new systems ordered, we'll be able to upgrade everything to the latest and greatest and use our dual displays the same way as everyone is used to them. Thanks.

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Re: RealPresence 6.0 - Dual Monitor / Content Sharing Layouts

I agree with schramm, if there is an issue with the newer systems being downgraded (which I haven't seen yet), then this issue should be fixed sooner rather than later.  While it seems like a small issue, it's really not on a day to day operations when users have been expecting on thing and now it no longer functions like intended.


Right now we're staying at a lower version, but if it continues to be a problem, then at some point we'll just look at other solutions as well.

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Re: RealPresence 6.0 - Dual Monitor / Content Sharing Layouts

There is generally not an issue with downgrading but if there is a difference in drivers there COULD be and that was what I was bringing attention to, not only for your benefit but for all the other users on this forum.


We have provided all the information we can in a public forum.  By SEC regulations forward looking statements can not be done in an open forum.  Therefore, pease contact your Polycom sales team for additional information and assistance. 

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Re: RealPresence 6.0 - Dual Monitor / Content Sharing Layouts

@sschramm wrote:

Steffen, the ticket number is 1-4280966341. Please advise the status as I never heard any updates on it. Thanks!



Hello Scott,

I would urge you to work with whoever you raised this ticket. The fix is planned for a new release but within this community I am unable to provide any timeline or anything else. I can see this was raised via Scansource back in October.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: RealPresence 6.0 - Dual Monitor / Content Sharing Layouts

This is the latest responce I've heard from our Polycom rep as of Deceber. I really hope it comes out soon. If anyone else hears of additonal updates, please let us know. Thanks.



What I found out is something equivalent to the “decide for me” monitor feature that should show the same results is PLANNED for version 6.1 (approx. Q1) but until the software is in its final stages we cannot guarantee that it will be included.

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Re: RealPresence 6.0 - Dual Monitor / Content Sharing Layouts

Hello, 6.1.0 has been released and I'm happy to report the issue has been fixed!

Here are the settings I found work as close to the "Decide for me" option did:


Monitor 1: Far, then Content, then Near

Monitor 2: Content then Near


Hope this helps!