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RealPresence Desktop Dialing Order


RealPresence Desktop Dialing Order



Is it possible to configure the dialing order of RealPresence Desktop v3.9?

Our customer has 500 RPD, all configured manually with SIP preference.


We can not find in RPRM v10.3 how to configure preference call type (instead of Manual or Auto), in Admin Network.


Is it possible to configure a huge range of RPD?


Thank you and best regards

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Re: RealPresence Desktop Dialing Order

Hi @


as far as I know, all values you can configure/provision for RPD or other devices can be found under Endpoint> Dynamic Managment> Provisioning Profiles. There you can edit your Provisoning Profile you chose for RPD. But honestly I´m not sure if you can configure the preferred call type...

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Re: RealPresence Desktop Dialing Order

Hi @mschuize


Thank you, as discussed with a colleague, he thinks too that it is impossible to configure a wide range of RPD this way. :(


Thank you !

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