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RealPresence Desktop - Start Full Screen

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RealPresence Desktop - Start Full Screen

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for my question, I wasn't sure which to use for the Software Clients.


Anyway, I am developing a VTC Kiosk solution around RP Desktop because we couldn't get the purchase of 10 new standalone systems ordered and delivered in time to meet the need (government red tape).


The solution I created works great, the system boots with RP Desktop as the shell (replacing explorer.exe), and the user can do nothing but teleconference.  However it has been requested that RP Desktop be started in full screen, rather than in a window, and I cannot find a means of doing so.


I was hoping that I could simply add a switch to the realpresencedesktop.exe command, or perhaps add an entry to the provisiondata.xml or realpresencedesktop.exe.config file to force it to start full screen.  But I havent found any documentation of such an option.


Does anyone know how to do this?

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Re: RealPresence Desktop - Start Full Screen

According to Polycom engineering this feature, starting in full screen, is not supported.


To have it added as a feature request for future consideration please work with your Polycom sales support team.

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