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RealPresence Desktop microphone issue

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RealPresence Desktop microphone issue

Currently we are having issues with RealPresence Desktop 3.7 with the microphone. When doing a RealPresence Desktop 3.7 to RealPresence Desktop 3.7 VC we can hear the other users but they cannot hear us. I have noticed that a yellow triangle with a exclamation mark appears above the microphone icon on RealPresence Desktop but the micrphone is not muted either on the software or physically on the our Aver Speaker Phone. One thing I have noticed is that you can see the microphone level icon on RealPresence Desktop going up and down as we talk so it does appear to be picking up our voice.


I will try a test and revert back to RealPresence Desktop 3.6 to see if works any better. I have also tested our VC equipment (Aver VC520) with Skype and Skype for Business and we have no issues with sound so I don't think our VC equipment is faulty.


Scott Cummings


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Re: RealPresence Desktop microphone issue


 Having exact same issue. Were you able to solve?

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