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RealPresence Desktop return video issues behind SonicWall

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RealPresence Desktop return video issues behind SonicWall

We are attempting to test RealPresence Desktop by connecting to the test IP addresses on the Polycom website. The issue we have behind the firewall, after assigning a static NAT and opening all suggested ports, is video does not come back from the other side. When testing on a different network, not behind the SonicWall device, everything connects. I am also able to connect and test (at least to some of the test IPs) successfully on a different network, which is also behind a SonicWall. 


After working directly with SonicWall they suggest I engage Polycom to see what traffic is missing. The packet captures we got from both successful and none successful tests show traffic going in both directions, but the software shows no return video, claiming 100% packet loss.


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Re: RealPresence Desktop return video issues behind SonicWall

I've been troubleshooting this myself. What ports do you have opened and forwarded to your internal PC?


There was an update posted to the Polycom site yesterday or the day before stating that a lot of the numbers do not work and that they are remediating the issues. Search for those public numbers again and you can see which ones supposedly work and which ones don't, but even for the ones they say work - i still cannot see any video coming back on my side.

One test site you can check is this:


I seem to always get video back from that test site.


I also have a TID forwarded to me by Polycom about how to config Sonicwalls if you need it.

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