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RealPresence Desktop through NAT - Call connected but no incoming audio or video


RealPresence Desktop through NAT - Call connected but no incoming audio or video

I'm writing from Uruguay... so ... I'm sorry about my English :)


I downloaded and now I'm running trial version of Real Desktop Presence v2.3.0.33254 on Windows 7 32 bits. My PC is located in a LAN behind a firewall (Suse Linux with iptables) that I configured with NAT (SNAT and DNAT) according to the instructions of 'RDP Release Notes':



Inbound Ports - Configured with DNAT in the Firewall (redirecting from our Fixed Public IP --> to my PC Local IP Address)

1720 (TCP)

1719 (UDP)

3230 to 3329 (TCP)

3230 to 3329 (UDP)

5060 (UDP and TCP)


Outbound Ports - Configured with SNAT in the Firewall

I set the firewall with full access to Internet for my PC, including All Ports without exceptions.



I'm trying to establish a connection with HDX-6000 which is attached directly to the Internet and has a Public Fixed IP Address assigned (without firewalls or NAT).


I can connect to the Public IP of the HDX-6000, the call starts and the call time is going. What's more, from the far end (HDX-6000) people can see and hear me perfectly. However, I don't have incoming Audio or Video on my PC with RealPresence Desktop.


I'm sure this is a Firewall/NAT issue because I tested the RPDesktop connecting my notebook to the Internet using a mobile broadband modem (so I got a Public IP Address) and could connect to the HDX-6000 and establish the call bidirectionally with video & audio.


However, from my LAN, behind the Firewall and using NAT I don't receive incoming video & audio. I tried to connect to Polycom Public Test Sites from RealPresence Desktop with the same results (call established but no incoming Audio & Video).


Is there any configuration tip related the de RealPresence Desktop, the Firewall or the HDX-6000 to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance!


Víctor Pedrosa

Montevideo - Uruguay

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