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RealPresence Group 300 Sporadic Video Issues

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RealPresence Group 300 Sporadic Video Issues

I work for a school district and we have some distance learning classes using a realpresence group 300. The local college has a realpresence group 500 model. Lately, we've been having sporadic issues with the video not connecting and when it does we are still not able to see the content video the teacher is showing. From what I understand, the other districts that call in aren't having the same issues.


For us, Monday the teacher was out and the guy who initially called in didn't do it correctly, then when we would call back we didn't have video for the 8 am class. The 11 am class also still didn't have video. I tried at 3:30 and everything worked fine. Tuesday everything worked fine, but I was told the content video wouldn't show up from the college end, but it did for other high schools connected. Today we are back to not having any video.


The first class starts here on our campus before normal school day so there aren't any bandwidth issues at that time. I'm the only IT guy here and don't recall any settings or firewall changes that would affect things. The internal ip of our device has been put in our web filter as standard bypass. I'm fixing to upgrade the software to version 4.3.2 to see if that improves things, but was hoping you guys might have other suggestions on settings to check or logs that would be helpful. Thanks!

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Re: RealPresence Group 300 Sporadic Video Issues

Just guessing, there is something that has changed in the network that is restricting bandwidth or more likely the ports used in the firewall by videoconferencing, or both.


I would suggest trying to call to a dignostic site to see what happens then.  You can use one of the Polycom numbers which are available on the Polycom support web site or a 3rd party like:


Test your video at: or

New web site:

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