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RealPresence Group 310 - Cannot change Home Screen Settings

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RealPresence Group 310 - Cannot change Home Screen Settings


We have a series of RealPresence Group 310 devices with RP Touch panels connected.  We use SfB for the ineropoerability but don't enable the interface as we want to retain branding, etc. I was able to turn off the Skype Mode on all but one device. This device will not let me change any settings on the Home Screen Settings page, even if I export the profile, change the fields and re-import it.

I have checked every possible setting and compared the profile content with another unit and I can't find anything different.  I would factory reset it but I only have remote access to it and there is no interface option to do this and there are no guides for SSH control.

Here's the profile header info, which matches all the other units:

h:profileversion:0.2 Group 310 -؞ -

Can anyone help me resolve this as it's in a high profile site in the business and the interface does not match the user guides we have issued.




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