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RealPresence Group 500 and Pano with Microsoft Teams

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RealPresence Group 500 and Pano with Microsoft Teams

Hi, we currently use RealPresence Group 500 and Pano with Microsoft Teams.


It works however we are looking at simplifying the experience and not having to choose all of the meeting rooms manually, typing in the dial strings etc each time there is an executive meeting.


The business wants everything initiated from the one console rather than everyone dialling in from all of the rooms manually.


Currently the process we use is:


  • Logon to the RPM
  • Click Endpoint and go into the Monitor View
  • Expand the view and manually select all of the rooms say 15 of them
  • Browse to each units webpage manually and logon to it.
  • Copy and paste the current MS Teams invite into the manual dial settings.
  • Do this for each and every room.

Any recommendations or ideas on how to overcome this would be highly appreciated.



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Re: RealPresence Group 500 and Pano with Microsoft Teams

Hi @Azza 


Why don't try out Poly OTD service, which is free? All that you will have to do is create room resource mailboxes for all those Groups, configure those mailboxes properly and then all you have to do is add required device as a participant when scheduling Teams conference.


Group registered to calendaring service will receive invitation with Join button, that you have to press and that's all, your device should be in Teams conference. It won't get easier than that for end users.


You can see how it works on this video from Jan Zoetemelk (starting at around 12:15): 


I hope this is what you are looking for.




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