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RealPresence Group 500 doesn't save settings after reboot

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RealPresence Group 500 doesn't save settings after reboot

Hi together,


I've got a RealPresence Group 500 System, and I'd like to change some network settings. This works only as long as I am not rebooting the system. After rebooting, the system boots up with the old settings, and after logging in, it says "Last Login xx.xx.2018".


The Software-Version is Release - 6.1.2-380088


Do you have any idea, why it doesn't save settings after rebooting? It doesn't matter if I log in on the system itself or on the web-interface.


Thank you.

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Re: RealPresence Group 500 doesn't save settings after reboot

Hello @philipph ,


Welcome to the Poly Community. Usually, we ask for this:

Both the communities Must Read First and the FAQ reference the basic minimum information a new or follow up post should contain.

This ensures the questions having to be asked are limited and any new or follow up post contains the right amount of details to ensure any voluntary participant within the community does not spend additional time chasing basic information.

As a reminder the basic information asked for:

  • Provide the exact Software Version of your Codec
  • Provide the Codec Model
  • Provide the Call Platform (aka openSIP,Teams, Skype for Business Online, Skype for Business on Premise, Lync or H.323)
  • Additional Poly Infrastructure (RPRM,PDMS,RPCS,RMX or CMA)
  • If possible provide a Log and either attach them or use the Code Tag.Consult the Troubleshooting Section found within the FAQ if applicable
  • If possible provide the Serial Number of the device
  • Provide details for example if the issue is a day 1 issue or only happened after an upgrade or any other relevant details
  • For questions around Support please check here


Whilst providing some of these details may not directly impact any possible answer the community can provide, it does enable Poly to have an overview of the current software used. In addition, providing all details at the same time allow us to check logs or look up potential support partners if an issue needs to come into support. It also enables us to verify the entitlement for using features.


Posting a serial will enable us to look up the history of a device and point out potential partners who can help you RMA the unit.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier



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Re: RealPresence Group 500 doesn't save settings after reboot

Hi - The ONLY few times I have seen that 


1. The MAC was reserved in DHCP with an IP

2. There is some provisioning imposing itsself

3. The IP you are trying to set statically is an invalid IP for the VLAN you are physically plugged into

4. You are tyring to set an IP static while NOT plugged into the network (meaning the GS cannot validate the setting by being plugged into the segment)


In my personal experience, all of there will cause the GS to default back to its last known good network config.


Best of luck, worst case scenario, default and zeroize that thing and start over

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Re: RealPresence Group 500 doesn't save settings after reboot

Thanks for your answers!


I am not trying to change the static IP Address of the device itself, but the DNS-server-addresses. I am only trying to replace the primary and secondary DNS-server addresses.


The device is plugged into the network and also reachable, I am trying to change the settings over the web-interface. But making the changes directly on the device doesn't work out anyway.


Maybe I do have to zeroize the whole system then..

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Re: RealPresence Group 500 doesn't save settings after reboot

If you are 100% certain the DNS server IPs you are using, are the correct ip's for the vlan I would try setting the VC to  DHCP first and see what it grabs.

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