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RealPresence not registering to sip server after


RealPresence not registering to sip server after



I updated my group series to ver: and now the Skype for business won't register to the sip server. I already verified the username and password on O365 which all works and I have tried registering manually with no luck.


If anyone has some ideas, it will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: RealPresence not registering to sip server after

Hello @Joe85 ,

welcome back to the Poly community.

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For your new issue is this Office 365 aka Skype for Business Online?


I suggest to double check the release notes as often maintenance releases are not approved by our Partner Microsoft and therefore the user-agent submitted is blocked.


If not escalate this into our Support Team.

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Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: RealPresence not registering to sip server after

Thanks, Steffen,


Approved and now all works.


very thankful.

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Re: RealPresence not registering to sip server after

I had the same thing happen, and did the acknowledge agreement thing through Polycom and Office 365 as directed by the Release Notes.

However, I'm seeing my Directory Server still not registering with Microsoft.  Under Diagnostics->System It's still showing Microsoft Server as Red.  We have directory server set as Microsoft and then our domain.

SIP server seems to be the only thing that new signature ID agreement thing fixed.

What do you see on yours?


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Re: RealPresence not registering to sip server after

Under SIP in the UI, I re-entered the password (Password checkbox then opens two Password fields) and after a few seconds, it Registered.  Just a suggestion...  I had the same issue last week!

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Re: RealPresence not registering to sip server after

I wasn't able to get it to register to the directory server after reentering in my SIP account and password.

I even tried to put in different credentials and it wouldn't accept them.  It's like it cached that info and wouldn't let it go.

I was able to get the directory server registered again by downgrading the Group 310 back to 6.2.1, make sure SIP, Directory, and Calendering services were all registered and green, then I upgraded back again to (now that I had previously accepted the 3rd party agreement link), and now everything appears to be registered and working properly again.

Sadly it took around 1.5 hours to do the downgrade and upgrade of the 310, but at least it's working.


Thanks for your help.



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Re: RealPresence not registering to sip server after

Stefan, perhaps you can let your tech writers know that the Polycom Centro documentation does not include the Tech Advisory for authorizing for O365.  Only the Group Series release notes included this information.

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Re: RealPresence not registering to sip server after

Thanks for the suggestion. If there was to be another update to the documentation we would include this in it.  But whereas the Centro was End of Sale the end of March 2019 there will not be any additional updates to the documentation for it.

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