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Realpresence Desktop and webcam

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Realpresence Desktop and webcam



We use Polycom RPD for inter office meetings.  We will be having a large all company meeting and I am trying to get my PTZOptics USB3 based camera to work with this.  (12x-usb-gy)


The cam works, and I can see a preview from the webcam software, webex, and skype, but when I bring up polycom, it shows no video.  


In the settings, I have selected the PTZOptics camera, but it just does not show up.  Is there a list of compatible webcams, is there software for a HD USB3 based camera to work with Polycom RPD?  Thanks

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Re: Realpresence Desktop and webcam

Specifications of what is supported are in the release notes.


Just guessing but according to the release notes the RPD supports upto 720p / 30 fps Video sent from camera.  Bet the camera is sending more than that.

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