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Realpresence desktop behind a proxy

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Realpresence desktop behind a proxy

I have a realpresence desktop installed on a windows pc that it is behind a http proxy, through the proxy can access the internet.


Now if I try to dial anything I cannot do it, is there a way to give to realpresence desktop this network proxy settings or I have to figure out another way to avoid the proxy.


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Re: Realpresence desktop behind a proxy

Hi all

I have the same question. It is possible to use RealPresence Desktop for windows behind Proxy.

Why the App not read the default system proxy. The netstat -na windows command return a Syn/Sent to public ip address

If this app was intented form enterprise it should be able tou use proxy. Because i don t know any modern compagny dont have firewall and proxy. We are not at home :D


Thanks for your answer. It is possible if Polycom Plan to develop an app that use proxy or permit to add once on parameters.

best regards


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