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Reccomendations on HDX outside the firewall

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Reccomendations on HDX outside the firewall


We have 3 HDX Units in our company all which sit inside our LAN and talk to one another across our private MPLS network.  they work perfectly and we have zero problems.  Our company is interested in using the iPad Polycom software so our users can connect to the polycom when they are outside the company or to use PVX or HDX units from other companies without having to use a 3rd party codec.

1. Have any of you used these products and what has your experience been?

2. What recommendations do any of you have regarding setup of an HDX unit for general internet access?  Do we move it to the DMZ, NAT, proxy? 

Some of our chief concerns are related to device security.  If we open this device to the internet, what risks does that pose and how to we minimize them.

Any help people can provide would be much appreciated.


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Re: Reccomendations on HDX outside the firewall

You should think about a Polycom VBP-E as a gatekeeper.

All of your machines register with h.323 Name and E.164 extensions to this device. Also you can define a default alias for incoming calls.

If someone from outside your lan tries to call you (for example another HDX in homeoffice, pvx client, M100 client oder Realpresence mobile), he dials: yourexternalip##H323.extension oder yourexternalip##E.164_Extension and can reach the desired machine. If he dials only your external IP address, the default alias machine will be called.

From inside your lan, all of your codecs can call each other /(by using internal LAN IP, H.323 name or E.164 extension) or, by calling an external ip, the call is routed by the vbp-e to the desired machine in the WAN.


For more information take a look at the VBP_VVX1500 Config Guide HERE or talk to your polycom partner.


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Reccomendations on HDX outside the firewall

I have a similar problem.  I have iPads that need to communicate with HDX systems that are directly on the Internet with a public static IP.  We have tried the RealPresence app on the iPads and it connects with the HDX systems OK, but the iPads receive no video or audio.  Any solution?

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