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Reciving teams and zoom cals on the X50


Reciving teams and zoom cals on the X50

We are a small sales company with customers all over the world.

We have recently invested in a x50 system. 

Our goal is to be able to send out invitations to customers (that part works) on teams and zoom

but also RECEIVE invitations.


Has anyone solved the issue that the poly system can not accept invitations from 'the outside world' ?

It's kind of a phone you can ring from but not to at the moment ;)...


Some kind of clever software solution must exist




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Re: Reciving teams and zoom cals on the X50

Hi @Theis,


which profile do you use with the X50? Zoom? Teams? Poly App? If you use for example the Zoom profile/mode your X50 is natively integrated into Zoom, if you have requested Zoom room licenses. The same for Teams. BUT, if when you have decided on a profile (Teams/Zoom) you only do Zoom or Teams, nothing else or in parallel. 

A workaround would be the "device mode" on X50. With this mode you are able to connect a notebook and use the X50 as a "webcam".

Or, if you use Zoom mode, you can activate the device mode via TC8. At the moment, device mode is not available if you run Teams mode, but comes in near feature.

If you want to use Zoom and Teams in parallel, you need to use Poly App (SIP/H.323) and Zoom Room connector license for H.323/SIP devices on Zoom side. With Teams you will need an interop service like Poly RealConnect. I think it would be better to contact a certified reseller to solve all your questions. 


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Re: Reciving teams and zoom cals on the X50

First, txs for the help, im a bit frustrated.


We use the Poly app, we want to be able to use as many platforms as possible.

IF I use device mode, I basically have bought an expensive webcam, that was not the point ;). Is it really impossible to receive calls from the outside to the system ????

And I DO have the poly sip/h.323  Zoom room connector AND poly Real connect

My problem is that I have NO control over my costumers setup. And I would really love to be able to use the system for meetings with my costumers ;).

I just have a hard time to accept that we are the onlu one in the world with that need, and that no one have solved the problem yet ;).





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Re: Reciving teams and zoom cals on the X50

Hi Theis


I kind of understand your frustration (there are many customers who think in similar fashion), but you have to understand something. Those devices (or any other) are not not a universal solution for communication problems. Let's say you have a fresh laptop/PC and then you want to join Zoom call. Either you can use a browser or install a dedicated app. Then you want to join Teams call - again, either use a browser or install another dedicated app. So on and so on.

Every videoconferencing platform offers you a software from that same vendor (or in some cases - let's you join via browser) and in general is not compatible with other vendors (general exception is if SIP/H.323 calls are accepted).


So how do you expect such device as Studio X to universally intelligent and open to ALL possible video platforms and solutions?


The most universal solution is some kind of PC where it's possible to installany app that you want.

And if you look at it from different perspective - what are all those video endpoints on the market? Those are in fact "expensive webcams", just working on a dedicated hardware/software where usually you as a user have no way of tinkering with provided software and "apps". It's just that user interface is designed to be user friendly and as easy as possible to let you use all those provided features without mouse/keyboard.


So I hope what I wrote above will somehow make it easier to deal with how things are




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Re: Reciving teams and zoom cals on the X50

Hello @LKVer , @Theis  and @mshu 


I suggest you work with a Poly sales engineer to discuss what is on the roadmap for these units.


Steffen Baier

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Re: Reciving teams and zoom cals on the X50

Dear Lukasz


Thank's for your answer.


I have now realised that at present it is impossible to get a video system where you can revive calls from a typical standard customer pool (you cant' expect all your costumers to use same system, totally fair).  And i'm sure there is a logical technical explanation why it's impossible to make a software solution capable of handling this issue (babelfish).


For the typical small trading company, the laptop solution is (unfortunately) still the only working solution.


Thanks a lot for all your clever answers.












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