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Recording VC Endpoints on the Network

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Recording VC Endpoints on the Network

Hi All,


I'm looking for a way of recording a large number of VC endpoints then collect the data in the a central respoitory.


Full aware of the Media Suite, but the large downside of that is that it relies on all the calls being bridged, so I would rather not do down that route.


Also aware we could tap the network, but again, all calls are currently encrypted, so not ideal.


I guess what my nirvana would be, would be to be able to capture the full VC (both received content, and sending content) within the room environment, prior to it being encrypted by the codec, then sending this captured data off to a respository.


Has anyone done anything similar or know any vendors who may have such a toolset?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Recording VC Endpoints on the Network

I have never seen a real life MAGIC, if this happens I shall consider it as MAGIC..

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Re: Recording VC Endpoints on the Network

Thanks for that.


Any other ideas apart from using spells?

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