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Remote Control Camera Presets

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Remote Control Camera Presets

Hi All

I have a Group 700 system Ver 6.17 in the Auditorium I look after

I have Preset set up as default so I can use 0 - 9 to control the cameras

If however I have to enter a Bridge Meeting ID/Password when dialling, I then select # to switch to DTMF and enter in the code

DTMF is then on for the whole meeting and I cannot use the presets

I believe I have pressed most keys to try and get back to presets instead of DTMF but cannot get them to work until the next call

Anybody know how to switch back?





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Re: Remote Control Camera Presets

Once the Touch Tones Enabled times out you should be able to do presets.


What I would verify is in your configuration that the Keypad function is set to presets.  See the image.