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Reset Room Password on VSX8000


Reset Room Password on VSX8000

We purchased a used VSX8000 from Amazon recently, as ours got fried by power fluctuations, and no one seems to know the room password and security mode is enabled. I have tried the serial number with no luck.

I downloaded a manual for it that says on page 1-6:

 If Security Mode is enabled, the room password is required to access the Reset System screen. If you forget the room password while the system is in Security Mode, contact your Polycom distributor or Polycom Technical Support.


 I contacted Polycom Tech Support and they said to check here, as this model is no longer supported. Any suggestions besides getting a newer unit?

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Re: Reset Room Password on VSX8000

Factory reset the device to restore the default password which is the serial number.

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Re: Reset Room Password on VSX8000

Can you tell me where the serial number is located on these units, and the number of characters it should be? I thought I read it is supposed to be 14 characters.  As I stated I have tried what I think is the serial number. On the bottom of the unit there is a, what looks like a factory Polycom sticker that has Model: VSX 8000 in the upper right portion of the sticker and in the lower right portion of the sticker there is a barcode and below the barcode is a 14 digit number 07898912550163. It does not say serial number, but I tried it anyways. There is also a sticker on the back of the unit, above the network jack, that says S/N 057B23. Also there is another number below a barcode there that has the characters 820525057B23N2. I am sure I tried it as well. I will attach a picture of each, if allowed.

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Re: Reset Room Password on VSX8000

The serial number would be 14 digits.  There is another post in here explaining the serial numbers.


the one for your unit would be:  820525057B23N2


And after a factory reset that would be the password until you change it.

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Re: Reset Room Password on VSX8000

I think your statement "And after a factory reset that would be the password until you change it" is where I am at. The previous owner apparently changed the password, as one would expect, and now the serial number will no longer work as the password to get into it to do the factory reset. Does that sound correct?

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Re: Reset Room Password on VSX8000

Hello @robkoon81 ,


welcome to the Polycom Community.

A factory reset will return the unit into the same state as it left the factory i.e. reset any changed password and reset this to be the serial number as already outlined by my colleague.


If you are unable to use this then you have not reset to factory.


If all of this fails and you have completed the correct steps then the seller may have sold you a defective unit.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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