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SDI video source for HDX7000

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SDI video source for HDX7000



I am trying to connect a external SDI video source for HDX7000 hw C with SW ver 3.05 to camera 3 input (DVI). 

I have black magic HDlink as SDI to DVI convertor. My problem is this DVI camera 3 input most of time do not input the source properly.  Example if put 720P50 signal into this input, if I set the source as 'people' is fine but if configure it as content it wouldn't work.  And some of the SDI feed is 1080I.  My question.


1. Does setting camera 3 (DVI) input as 'people' or ' content' have different set of supported resolution as per brochure?

Set to people ----> people resolution?

Set to content ---> content resolution?


2. When set to content and external SDI video manage to input into HDX7000, can I send this source as my single main camera source? Currently it seem like I can only send this source  as H.239 content or 2nd video stream, when I select camera 3 as input source, automatically it start H.239 or People + content and send cam 3 source as second source together with cam 1.


Please advise if you have any experience on this.

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Re: SDI video source for HDX7000

Please refer to the Polycom HDX User Guide and the Admin Guide for details on supported resolutions

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