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Scheduled/Automatic updates

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Scheduled/Automatic updates

Hi I am currently trying to upgrade my HDX4000 endpoints but something seems to be a miss with getting the serial numbers of the devices.


I am using  CMA 5000 ver 6.2.5 and under scheduled updates i seem to be missing some options to upgrade and under the automatic upgrade i seem to not be able to get the serial numbers.


Is this because the upgrade file does not have a key for all my serial numbers?


My main object at the moment is to get all my serial numbers so i can request the Key file. So if there is an easier option to get these then i would also be grateful


If i have missed any key information then please let me know; i am new to Polycom. 


Thanks in advance

Alex Johnson

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Re: Scheduled/Automatic updates

Welcome to Polycom!


One way to get the serial number of the HDX (besides looking at the label in the back) is to log into the HDX using a web browser.  Simply enter the IP number into the browser.   Then click on the Admin Settings tab (and enter admin user and password).   Along the left side, you will see Tools.  Click there, then click System Information.    The serial number should be in the right window under the IP addresses.  (It will look something like 8210440D70E2PN, that's mine,  :-)  ).   


Hope that helps!



Best Regards

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