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Sharing content between PC and HDX 6000

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Sharing content between PC and HDX 6000

Multiple HDX 6000's connecting to an RMX 1500 bridge. 


I am looking to content share from a PC connected to DVI Input 2 on the HDX 6000.  After the computer is connected and after pressing the Content button on the remote, the computer displays roughly 5 seconds before turning back off.  I have tried multiple computers connected via DVI with different resolutions and refresh rates.  This issue occurs outside of a meeting and during a meeting.  After roughly 5 seconds, I see the sending signal from the Computer again, on both the remote and connecting HDX. 


I also tried People + Content IP.  This works OK however it is very laggy.  We are essentially looking for a different solution to connect the PC directly to the Polycom.


Our HDX is running Software Release -




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Re: Sharing content between PC and HDX 6000

First the software you are running is old, it was released in June, 2011, the current version is 3.1.11.  So it is hard to address if this is related to the old software or not.


The User's Guide for the HDX outlines the supported resolutions and refresh rates.  There are some computers that have a fluctuating output that can cause this type of issue.  Have you tried different brands of computers?

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