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[Software] Poly Studio X and G7500 3.3.2 was releases

Polycom Employee & Community Manager

[Software] Poly Studio X and G7500 3.3.2 was releases

Hello all,


we just released the software for both the Studio X and the G7500


What is new:


  • Studio X30 and Studio X50 have the latest Microsoft Teams APK and with this, the April Update for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android >here<


    • Microsoft Teams Enhancements
      This release supports the following enhancements if you’re using Microsoft Teams as a conferencing provider:
      ● Proximity join: You can join a nearby meeting room easily.
      ● If you’ve paired your system with a Poly TC8 device, you can now access administrator settings.
      Additionally, you can view the software version number and controller information on the Settings screen.
      Note: After upgrading to Poly VideoOS 3.3.2-286154, you must sign in to the paired TC8 device using the same Microsoft Teams account and credentials you use on the Studio X Family system.

      Setup Video here:

    • Support for Zoom Rooms 5.5.0
    • Additional Multicamera Support with Zoom Rooms
    • Native Interoperability with Dialpad
    • Updated Icons
    • Wi-Fi Enhancements
      Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network During Initial System Setup
      This release supports connecting to a Wi-Fi network during the initial system setup. If the system isn’t connected to a valid network at startup, it prompts you to connect to Ethernet or configure Wi-Fi.
      Note: Only Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams support a Wi-Fi connection as the primary network. If you change to an unsupported conferencing application, the system automatically disables Wi-Fi as the primary network and defaults to the Ethernet connection.
      Using Wi-Fi as a Primary Network with Microsoft Teams
      With this release, you can configure Wi-Fi as your primary network if you’re using Microsoft Teams as your conferencing provider and are using WEP, WPA, or WPA2 Wi-Fi protocols on the 2.4 GHz spectrum.
      The system doesn’t support connecting an IP device (for example, Poly TC8 or Poly Trio) when using Teams. You must use a touchscreen or a Bluetooth remote to interact with the system.
      Note: You must reboot the system after you switch from Ethernet to Wi-Fi to ensure Teams accesses the right network.
    • New REST APIs for Device Mode
    • Remote Logging Updates
    • Global Security Enhancements
    • Increased Number of TC8 Devices Supported
    • Important Downgrading Information
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