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Studio X (X30) USB - dongles get hot

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Studio X (X30) USB - dongles get hot



I just wanted to ask other Community members if they experience the same thing that I do.

In X30 that I'm using, if you plug in for example a mouse Bluetooth dongle to USB port (in my case to the single USB next to Ethernet port), after very short time (lets say - even one minute) when I unplug dongle from that port - its metal casing that goes inside USB is like really hot, temperature is way higher than it should.

When I unplug the same dongle from my laptop, nothing like this happens.


So did anyone else experience something like this before? Is it a design "feature" (not to use word flaw) ot it just happens in my device?

And it's not a new thing, it's been like this for a very long time, maybe even it was like this right out of a box.




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Re: Studio X (X30) USB - dongles get hot

I just tested this with the USB-A port.  I have a Dell 24" touch display and when I unplugged the USB the cable to the monitor was normal temperature.  I then put a BT600 in it and after 20 minutes or so pulled it and it was a bit warmer than air temperature but nothing near 'hot' or even what I would refer to as warm.


I have a cable for Device mode on the USB-C port and it exhibited the same as the BT600 adapter, warmer than the air but that is it.


Unit is still at 3.4 and is running PolyOS, not an Eco-partners application.

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