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Studio X & Custom Server URL - *Word of warning*

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Studio X & Custom Server URL - *Word of warning*

All of our Studio X devices are set to auto update from an internal web server which works well. 
I only upload/update the  UC software on the web server once it has been out for a while, tested and deemed stable. 
Up until today I've had version 3.1.3 available but with that version I was having issues with Zoom Rooms randomly losing activation. I discovered that if I updated them to 3.2.3 they would be reactivated once they rebooted from the update process. So I updated a couple to 3.2.3 to see if that resolved the issue but every day there was at least one system that would be deactivated. 

What I found was that the device will install whatever version of UC software is on the update server even if it's an older version. So these devices would downgrade to 3.1.3 in the middle of the night, reboot and lose their ZR activation. 
So I had to remove 3.1.3 from the update server completely in order to prevent this from happening again. 
I am going to submit a feature request to allow for the option of a "update only if newer version" checkbox. 


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