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Teams and GoToRoom multiple platforms

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Teams and GoToRoom multiple platforms

Does the Polycom X50 support multiple platforms. Specifically Microsoft Teams and GoToRooms. I know it can be setup for either one through the web interface. What I’m asking is can you switch between them with the TC8 similar to what you can do on a smartphone.

thank you 

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Re: Teams and GoToRoom multiple platforms

Hi @ JhEngineering,


no, unfortunately you can´t. Once you choose a profile, it´s "nailed" to the Studio X and you can´t switch to another profile via touch swipe or something. Only way is the workaround with the "device mode". Once you are in GoToMeeting profile for example, swipe to the left, activate "device mode" and connect a notebook with HDMI and USB. At that point you are able to use Studio X as a webcam for your video app (i.e.Teams) on your notebook.

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