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USB device mode and microphone ip adapter

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USB device mode and microphone ip adapter

Dear friends,


Anyone knows if it's possible to use "USB device mode" with the Microphone IP Adapter in a G7500?


I need this to make Zoom/Teams calls with an external, non-IP microphone.


Thank you.

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Re: USB device mode and microphone ip adapter

It should work, since Poly Microphone IP Adapter is listed in release notes as supported accessory and there is nothing mentioned about it not working in any of modes supported by G7500.


The only notes for that adapter are:

Note the following audio limitations when using the microphone adapter with your G7500 system:
Polycom Acoustic Fence technology isn't supported.
The RealPresence Group Series microphone array configuration uses stereo audio by default, but
the microphone adapter supports only mono mode.




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