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USB update fails every time.

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USB update fails every time.

Group Series 300.  Currently at Release - 4.1.1-60400.


I've upgraded several other Group Series at my company via the USB method as it is faster and generally more reliable than having the unit update via the polycom server.  


On this unit alone, it fails with an update error data-template.tar.gz whether I attempt to upgrade to 4.15, 4.2 or 4.3.  It also fails on the direct method of the Group Series downloading from the Polycom server.  Besides, I was advised by Polycom to update this unit incrementally from 4 to 6


I have a ticket in with support already, but I've travelled to this remote office specifically to update this unit - and it's a great disappointment that the unit might be defective. 

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Re: USB update fails every time.

Did not specify all the versions you are attempting but this message is from the web page for the GS software:


If you are manually upgrading the RealPresence Group Series system using the system web interface and the current software version is lower than, first upgrade to and then upgrade to

Could that be some of your issues?

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Re: USB update fails every time.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I was going the approved path very incrementally.  In the end - support determined the unit was defective and sent a replacement.  The replacement was at version 5 and I performed about 2 USB updates that were flawless and now all of my units are running the latest and greatest. 



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