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Unable to Access Web Interface on CX5500

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Re: Unable to Access Web Interface on CX5500

 This was one of three CX5500 units that we purchased this summer, 82152643EBCBDA .

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Re: Unable to Access Web Interface on CX5500

Hello CX5500_User,

This unit was sold via SCANSOURCE COMMUNICATIONS which I assume in the USA back in June 2015.


Please contact their support team and they will be able to open the ticket with our support team.


If you have any issues please make them aware of this topic.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services


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Re: Unable to Access Web Interface on CX5500

   Here's the latest.  I was able to get in touch with Scansource and their technical staff opened up a ticket with your support staff. After reviewing the logs, it was suggested that we do a packet capture to try and verify HTTP/HTTPS traffic from the PC is getting to the CX 5000.


  I had one of our network engineers take a look at this and he was able to identify that HTTP/HTTPS traffic to the CX5500 was being filtered. When he looked at a working CX5500, he could see that port 443 was open and accessible. After messing around with the switch ports and the VLAN the Polycom was connected to, we were finally successful in accessing the web interface. Here is his explanation below.


“The port the Polycom was connected to was configured as a standard PC/IP-Phone port with its access VLAN set to the standard VLAN for the floor and a Voice VLAN provisioned. The Polycom was identifying itself as a SIP device during its boot/initialization so it was getting an IP address on the Voice VLAN. There appears to be a routing or access issue with that VLAN making it for the most part un-routable except within the VoIP system.


Since we were expecting the device to show up on the Printer VLAN (based on the original address you gave me), I changed the port’s Access VLAN to the floor’s Printer VLAN and removed the Voice VLAN from the port configuration. Since DHCP is not active on the Printer VLANs, you added a static IP address to the device and it appears to be functioning normally.”


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