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Use my X50 in various ways

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Use my X50 in various ways


So I have a X50 with a TC8 in my conference room. At the moment the system is running in ”Teams mode” and the system is signed into Teams with an  account equipped with a Teams Rooms license. So far so good.


Now there’s a couple or things that I can’t seem to figure out.


1. I wan’t to wirelessly share my laptops screen through the X50 and onto the 85” screen on the wall, without starting a new meeting. Just show my colleagues, in the same conference room, some XLS sheets etc. Is that possible when in ”Teams mode”?


2. Let’s say I’m invited to a meeting with a contact outside our organization and tenanr, and I would like to grab my laptop, sit down in our conference room and wirelessly join the meeting using the X50 camera, speaker and microphone. What are my options?


Cheers for any kind of answers regarding my questions!

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Re: Use my X50 in various ways

Hi @ffDesign,


no, it´s not possible to stream content wirelessly via Miracast or Airplay, Microsoft does not support that with their app. Wired HDMI input is on Microsoft´s roadmap for september, so if we are lucky we can send content via HDMI in near future.

To your second question, I think your right solution is "proximity join".


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Re: Use my X50 in various ways

1. Train your users to use the PC Teams Client -> Calendar -> Meet Now and connect to room audio.

Alternatively you can use the Miracast client on the TV if you have one.


2. Enable external calendar processing in your Tenant, and have your users forward invite to the room, or train your users to select Room Audio when joining the Teams meeting.

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