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Using DVI output for recording purposes on HDX 7000

B Cassar

Using DVI output for recording purposes on HDX 7000

I wonder whether someone can kindly solve this issue for me.


I have a number of HDX 7000 version D (that is, without the Y/C output) systems. I am constanty asked for a recording of the conference calls. Thecnically the sytsem does not have an output.


However I was thinking of using and did some experiments with the 2nd DVI ouptut - the one used for the second monitor.


From the Monitor menu I have changed the output of the second DVI to "DVI" with a 16:9 format and a resolution of 1920x1080p 50Hz. I do not have a hdmi recorder - however I have a Livestream Broadcaster which accepts a HDMI input. I connected a DVI to HDMI cable and fed it to this unit. I reasoned out that if this unit manages to stream a picture then I can use a recorder.


However the Broadcaster was unable to detect any video signal (this was the error that was being displayed). This unit is fully capable of transmitting 1920x1080p 50Hz. I tested the cable and it was working fine.


My fear is that there might be the issue of HDPC content coming into play. 


Can anyone shed any info as to why I was unsuccessful? Is it because the signal is not a true video signal? Is it because the image is being blocked due to HDPC issues?


Can I use in any way the DVI output to visual record the conference?


I will greatly appreciate any feedback on this issue as it is getting on my nerves. I do not have a budget for the RS 4000 module but I need a simple solution to record the conferences.

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Honored Contributor

Re: Using DVI output for recording purposes on HDX 7000

I have no idea why you can't record the video from the second output but you have to be aware that there is no direct way to get the mixed (far + local) audio with the HDX 7000 ver. D.


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B Cassar

Re: Using DVI output for recording purposes on HDX 7000

Dear Mike,


Thanks for your reply - I too could not understand why I was not successful from the visual aspect. 


I have not tackled the audio as yet, but if I can record the far end only, it would be enough in my case (that is, no need for a mix dwon between far and near audio)

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