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Using HDX 7000 to Connect Sony Camcorder

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Using HDX 7000 to Connect Sony Camcorder

Have been trying to use a Sony Camcorder as external camera source using the S video connection in back of the HDX.  We normally get blue video and once in a while get very blury video.  Have made sure the config for camera 2 is for S video.  Is there something we are missing on the setup or do we need some sort of frequency adapter for the camera? Thanks.

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Re: Using HDX 7000 to Connect Sony Camcorder

Hi Helix2000,


I assume you are using an HDX 7000, because you are configuring it as camera 2.


may i ask what cable are you using between the HDX Codec and the Camera?

* If you are using a straight S-Video Cable (S-video to S-Video) your settings is correct.

* but if you are using a Converted S-video Cable (ex. S-video to RCA / S-Video to BNC) you must select composite as a source.

   ** usually this issue happens when the Cable used is Converted.


Hope this helps.




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