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VC keeps getting called from the internet

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VC keeps getting called from the internet


We have a VSX6000 but I guess it might be similar with more recent units.

The unit is directly connected on the interne, as we had issues at the time to get it working behind the firewall.

It has been great for years but have noticed for a couple of months that the unit is called on a regular basis (ie every 20mn).

It is only 1 ring, but it is frustating.

We looked at the call history, hoping to find an IP address for the caller and adding an exception on the router, but there is no call history.


Is there a way to determine what cause the call, find exactly who it is and hopefully block it?


Alternatively, is there a way to stop it at the VC level?



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Re: VC keeps getting called from the internet

Another idea: is there a way to disable the sound for the call only?

If it is a legitimate caller, usually we are prompted on the screen to connect so the sound for the call is not really necessary.

In this case of 'pollution" call, we do not get any info on the screen.


as the room is often used for non VC meeting, this is getting quite annoying




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Re: VC keeps getting called from the internet

You "could" set "Do Not Disturb" and that will prevent the call from coming thru BUT you would have to remember to turn it off to receive a call..


Your idea of turning the volume down on the ringer would work too...


Good luck!


Gary M

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Re: VC keeps getting called from the internet

This is sort of similar in nature to you getting unwanted ‘robo’ solicitation calls on your cell or home phone. The phone is designed to accept incoming calls as is the VC system.


Please see the attached security bulletin for explanation and some ideas at minimize the nuisance calls.


You can also see other security bulletins at the below link.

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