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VSX 6000A user

Good day .

We have a polycom vsx 6000a, our client/partner give as a number to dial, ip address##ext number (x.x.x.x##12345), and it will not connect, as per our network configuration is already fine..

is vsx6000a is capable of dialing this kind of number? due we are used in dialing IP address only.


On vsx 6000a manual,  "The VSX 6000 system is an entry-level video conferencing system for IP and
SIP networks only. The VSX 6000A additionally provides a Quad BRI option
for ISDN."


for IP  - this one is doing good.

SIP networks, what specific dial in number for the SIP?

what is QUAD BRI?





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Re: VSX 6000A user

When you call the IP address x.x.x.x##12345 you are most likely dialing into unit that does extension dialing. It is almost like calling a 1-800 number and using your party’s extension to call them directly. So the IP address x.x.x.x is what you use to start the call with. The ## is the pause needed before you dial the 12345 extension. The VSX 6000a can make calls like this. You can try to call the IP address x.x.x.x and if the unit managing this connection allows you might be prompted for an extension or PIN. You then can hit the pound key on the VSX remote to pull up the dial pad and enter in the number you are trying to reach.


Now for the other part you have two ways to connect a video call over IP. H.323 witch is on by default and SIP. There are many differences between the two but the one that matters here is that H.323 uses port 1720 TCP to start calls and SIP uses port 5060 TCP to start calls.


ISDN is a way to connect over phone lines to do video calls. The QBRI is one way of making this connection and the most common for endpoint unit like your VSX 6000. The QBRI card is plugged into the back of your VSX 6000’s subwoofer. It would be the four ports next to the power port on the subwoofer.  


You can not use ISDN (aka H.320) to connect to a IP system that is using H.323 or SIP with out a gateway device. 

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