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VSX 7000 Frames Jumping On VGA Input

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VSX 7000 Frames Jumping On VGA Input



We are having problem when displaying images coming from a PC. The mouse is jumpy, video files jump every few frames. I work in a hospital environment and the VC unit is used to communicate with other clinicians and show CT & MRI scans, when scrolling through these they are jumping and missing out vital slices of a scan. The images being fed into the VC unit are only 1024 x 768 resolution.


I am using a VSX7000.


In the graphics VGA menu I have it set to the maximum 1024x768 75Hz and the quality preference has been tried on all options but is now set to Content.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: VSX 7000 Frames Jumping On VGA Input


Content input is really designed for relatively static PC input (PowerPoint etc).  The HDX range may be able to get you something approaching 30 frames per second "Content".  You'll get better motion if you can play the content as a PAL/NTSC camera source into DVD/VCR input, but of course the resolution will be PAL/NTSC & not 1024 x 768 or HD.


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Re: VSX 7000 Frames Jumping On VGA Input



Thanks i was thinking of trying the spare s-video input, but just wanted to check see if there was a setting in the VC.

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