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VSX 7000 + Verizon ADSL Modem/Router

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VSX 7000 + Verizon ADSL Modem/Router

For full disclosure, I am entirely self taught when it comes to AV/IT.

I'm not just learning about Polycom but I'm reading all that I can get my hands on.


The following inquiry is for a non-profit that benefits children and education.


We currently have a VSX7000 running software version 7.5.3.

An IT VP @ Campbell's Soup told me not to upgrade the software unless we were having problems.


We do have a static IP. 


The VSX7000 runs just fine with a Westell 6100 Modem set to bridged mode.


We are able to call out and get calls in almost without fail.


132 screenshots were taken in about 5 minutes in order to document the VSX 7000's entire configuration.

We merged those into a full featured .pdf so that any attempted changes can be easily restored.


We are in search of test call buddies for the change over in hardware so to begin, I'm requesting VALID test point recommendations.


But in the room the Polycom is in, we wanted to allow for a laptop to be connected for a future project.

We upgraded the Westell 6100 to a Westell 7500 set to routed-bridged mode.


The modem/router's security settings have been set to NONE.   Intentionally.

When I set the VSX7000 to AUTO IP it clearly is given an IP from the 7500 modem/router.

I can ping and traceroute.  However, I've yet had a test call buddy/endpoint to test with.


Our educator books distance learning sessions for public and private schools around the United States Tues-Friday.



So my time to test new Polycom configurations with the 7500 is limited and even then I do not have a clue if the settings are correct.  The biggest confusion for me is NAT.  Do I set the NAT on the 7500?  Set the NAT on the Polycom?  Both?


If I'm able to ping+traceroute what else can be done to see the Polycom is working other than a test call?

Finally, is it possible to Web Stream when NOT in a call?  In order to test?


I tried sending a PM to petet -- so far I didn't get a response so I wrote this post here.

I want to learn how to fix this -- and give back so we can keep educating these kids about our mission.


Thanks for reading and your time.




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Re: VSX 7000 + Verizon ADSL Modem/Router

Hi Ron,

First it is always best to keep up with software updates. We frequently add compatibility improvements for not only other Polycom products but other manufacturers.  Your software is quite old is the latest available and as long as you have a valid service contract it is available to you without charge. If there is no current contract then I suggest contacting your reseller.

It has been a long time since I have seen that version loaded but if I remember correctly the NAT is still the same as today.

If you are using the internal IP address as the local address then you will need a public IP address which faces the internet and would be 'called' by another site.

You will most likely need to set up Port Forwarding in the router.  The VSX firewall settings section lists the port ranges your particular model uses.


Please see the VSX Admin Guide for Network setting information




Here’s how I explain the NAT function:


If the NAT is 323 compatible is checked, the unit is putting the ‘real’ (internal) IP address at both layer 3 and layer 7 of the packet.


If it is unchecked, the unit puts the ‘real’ IP address in L3 and the WAN IP in L7 of the packet.


NAT is compatible is extremely close, in real-world function, to having no NAT settings at all. When it is checked, the unit is depending on the firewall to intercept the packets & do the L3 NAT (change internal IP to external IP/vice-versa), as well as open the payload of the packet, determine if there is anything ‘to do’ (such as determine if it is an H245 packet and alter the IP address/port numbers contained therein) & do whatever is necessary.

When not checked, the codec has the simple thought process of: “the firewall here is dumb, so I have to put the WAN IP in the payload part so this call will work”


The layer 3 part of the packet, regardless of the NAT settings, is the same as it would not work otherwise.


We have some video test numbers listed on our web site below:






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Re: VSX 7000 + Verizon ADSL Modem/Router

Hi Ron.  I knew Kendo would give you a more complete reply.

My test IP is open to you if it would help. but bear in mind it's manned 8-by-5 UK GMT 08:30-17:30 so it may not suit your USA times.



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Re: VSX 7000 + Verizon ADSL Modem/Router

Thanks to Kendo and Petet.


Regarding the test call location, petet, it's a lobby correct?  I won't bother anyone test calling it?

Also is it multipoint?  Can that location be  "busy" or "in-use?"




So since it's routed-bridge mode on the 7500, I cannot use DMZ and should NOT use NAT on the 7500.


Instead, I should uncheck the H323 on the polycom, then turn on NAT and set IP to auto?



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Re: VSX 7000 + Verizon ADSL Modem/Router



I am -5 GMT so your times being 830-1730 for me is approx: 330-1230



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