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VSX 7000A Mic Pod not Detected

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VSX 7000A Mic Pod not Detected

Dear all,


I recently bought new mic pod from ebay for my old VSX 7000A with the system software 9.0.5, UI 0.9.7B.17

But the mic pod with P/N 2201-20250-002 is not detected in the system, of course i tried the audio in the diagnostic menu, still no result.

Could somebody help me, am i missing something? or the mic pod is just not compatible ?


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Re: VSX 7000A Mic Pod not Detected

That part number is a VSX microphone pod so should be working.  Possibly the microphone or the cable is bad?  Was this a replacement, in other words the only microphone on the system?  Or is it used with other microphones on the system?

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