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VSX 7000a Home screen not showing

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VSX 7000a Home screen not showing

Hi there,


We have a VSX 7000a unit being used in our Hong Kong Office (I'm based in the London Office). Recently I was asked to test it's VC and the firewall to see if we were able to dial to Video Bridges. All our other VC units are different models of Polycom.

When trying to run the test, the HK staff informed me that the Homescreen in order to be able to dial is not showing up. They can use the remote, and they can hear the numbers going in, and attempts to dial. However, as they cannot see the screen, they cannot confirm if the number went in right.

I have remoted onto the configuration screen of the unit, and on several occasions, the number has been messed up by them mistyping.


The unit is outputted to a large wall mounted screen, which shows the camera view, but no home screen, even when pressing the Home or directory buttons.

What I need to know is, how do I get that Home screen to show up? I cannot decipher the settings on the unit.


Thanks in advance,

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Re: VSX 7000a Home screen not showing

Most likely that the unit has been connected to the screen from it's monitor 2 output & not monitor 1. Monitor 1 always shows the "Place a Call" screen over the background video.

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