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VSX 7000a - menu won't display


VSX 7000a - menu won't display



for the above camera I can't get the menu to come up on the screen when I press the buttons on the remote.  The remote is working as I can control/move the  camera with it.  I can make a call from the web interface.


I have upgraded the firmware to V9


Any thoughts/suggestions would be welcome.




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Re: VSX 7000a - menu won't display



The most probable case - your monitor is connected as the second one. Menu is shown only on the first monitor.

Find more details in Administrator's Guide for the VSX Series -> Configuring Monitor Settings.

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Re: VSX 7000a - menu won't display

Thanks for the reply Mike and apologies for the delay in coming back.


It will only display anything on the TV on port that the TV is currently plugged into.  When I check the setup, Monitor 1 is active (16:9, VGA) and Monitor 2 is off.  So I don't believe that is the problem.


I am happy to hear other possible options.




PS I have attached a screen shot of this