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VSX 7000e- PC Resolution/ Refresh Rate.

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VSX 7000e- PC Resolution/ Refresh Rate.




I have a VSX 7000e. A widow pops up and says " PC resolution/ refresh rate not supported". I've changed the solution rate all the way down to 800x600 on the PC resolution . The window still pops up about every 2 seconds. I've rebooted the unit after doing this. I.T. upgraded from XP to Window 7, could this be a factor? What else can I try? Thanks

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Re: VSX 7000e- PC Resolution/ Refresh Rate.

Hi mstrange,



Please verify the following:


  • In addition to reducing the resolution on the PC, please make sure you also adjust the refresh rate (hertz) to 60. This can be done under the "Screen resolution" -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Monitor".
  • Please check and verify within the VSX 7000e that the resolution/refresh rate is indeed matching the one from your PC, however if it worked before your computer received Windows 7, then it should be ok.
Best Regards,

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Re: VSX 7000e- PC Resolution/ Refresh Rate.

I also face this issue many a times, but i have multiple (4) Display ports configured in my Board room and many a times, this issue appears when the right display port is not selected. I then have to select the right Display Port using our integrated crestron product and then this error goes off usually.



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